Pratap Harichandan

In his pursuit to empower and guide students, Pratap Harichandan has become a certified life coach, further enhancing his skills to understand better and address the needs of those seeking career direction. Beyond his career counselling endeavours, he also embraces the practice of Yoga, which likely adds a holistic approach to his mentoring process.
Determined to reach a broader audience and share his wisdom, Pratap runs a successful podcast called "The Intelligent Way on Careers," where he discusses various aspects of career development and growth. He has also authored "The Intelligent Choice," possibly delving into the nuances of making informed career decisions.
With his deep empathy, extensive international exposure, and dedication to lifelong learning, Pratap Harichandan aims to be a beacon of support for students and young professionals, inspiring them to carve meaningful paths in their lives and careers. As he continues to evolve, his recently pursued certification as a life coach from Mindvalley is a testament to his commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.
Additionally, He has written and published a book named “The Intelligent Choice “ In this book he has shared his life experience of his challenging career movements , then how Artificial Intelligence is helping to define millionaire mindset & the best career options with assessments of various skill mappings . The Book is available in amazon and flipkart.
What are the brief processes of learning beyond curriculum , how to maintain good health & how to be spiritual. , These are simple ideas required to have a millionaire mindset by nurturing the brain & help us to understand ourselves to decide who we are & what are values , mission , vison to have a joyful & purposeful life.