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30+years Of Experience

Pratap Harichandan

  • Bsc
  • A.M.I.E ( B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering )
  • M.C.A
  • Career Counsellor (UCLA Extension and Univariety)

Pratap Harichandan is a budding career counsellor and mentor based in Bhubaneswar. He has amassed an impressive 30-year professional journey, working in various manufacturing organizations. His story is remarkable because it all started from a humble background in a small village. Over time, he has traversed seven different countries, accumulating a wealth of job and life skills from diverse cultural experiences.

Pratap's interest in career counselling was sparked during his earlier days when he used to work for a coaching institute. Witnessing students grappling with the challenges of making career choices without adequate guidance ignited a passion within him to assist and mentor young individuals to lead purposeful lives.

Need for Counselling

Why Counselling

In today's interconnected world, being a global citizen offers students a vast array of opportunities for studying and working in any country. However, many students remain unaware of the possibilities that exist beyond their immediate surroundings. This lack of awareness highlights the critical need for career counselling.
Career counsellors play a pivotal role in guiding students towards a purposeful and fulfilling life by shedding light on the diverse opportunities available worldwide. The ever-changing landscape of the job market can be overwhelming for students. With new industries emerging, and traditional career paths evolving, career counseling serves as a bridge, providing students with valuable insights into global job trends, in-demand skills, and the potential for career growth in various sectors.

About The Sixth Sense PH

At The Sixth Sense PH, our vision is to mentor students and individuals towards living a purposeful life. Our mission is clear - to guide one million students in finding their best career options, helping them unlock their true potential and achieve fulfilment in the first phase of our venture.
Committed to making a positive impact, we are not just limited to career counselling. Our founder, Pratap, is driven by a passion to create an International world-class Institute for Yoga, Meditation, Education, and Agriculture in his village. This visionary centre will serve as a hub for humans, animals, and plants, promoting holistic well-being and sustainable living.
Need for Counselling